The leading manufacturer of round cheese of Talsi - A/S "Talsu piensaimnieks" is located at the heart of the gem of Kurzeme - Talsi. Well kept blooming surroundings, modern manufacturing facilities along with knowledgeable and active team. Talsi Dairy was established in 1922. It merged with other dairies: In 1926 - with the dairies of Laidze and Valdgale, in 1929 - with the dairy producers' society of Pastende and in 1937 - with "Stendes Piensaimnieks". Following the mergers, the society consisted of 109 and until 1940 they operated as the cooperative society of Talsi Piensaimniks. However, the company gained most significant popularity with its round cheese of Talsi which without a trouble has been travels across valleys of Talsi, Latvia and abroad.